Shiko Magnum

Shiko Magnum


Shiko is a ritual exercise performed by sumo wrestlers, which involves lifting the legs and stomping hard on the floor to chase away evil spirits. Like that ritual, we have designed a bed that evokes a sense of solidity and safety. Its strength lies in the softness of its headboard.


216 x 220 x 130h


abstract: gray, gray mud, lake, lead gray, storm, yellow

bubble: black, blue, gray, light blue, pink

fabric apple farm

fabric dedar alumnus: bordeaux, celadon, navy, sorbet pasteque, tomato soup

fabric regal: beige, black, blue, camel, gray, green, light blue, orange, pink, red, yellow

fabric sponge: beige, blue, dark green, light blue, light gray, orange, yellow

fabric tram: anthracite, beige, black, dove gray, electric blue, orange, pistachio

fabric twins: ash, dove gray, dust, jeans, ultramarine

loop: dove ray, lead gray, light blue, red, red 2, yellow

wood aniline: black , blue, walnut, green veronese ash, red marsala ash








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