Vases Roman Green Set 4 pieces

Vases Roman Green Set 4 pieces

Brand: Pols Potten
This set consists of four metal vases which present a fine harmony of shapes and colours. The different items come together to create a cheerful, colourful set that mixes styles and eras. A bridge between past and present, these vases decorated with handles offer a contemporary reinterpretation of ancient amphorae. The archetypal form has been refined: the design is very graphic, the silhouette and volume perfectly balanced. The essential lines highlight the matt, velvety, soft and tactile finish. The modern colours contrast in a surprising way with these archetypal silhouettes plucked from the past. You’ll love the hybrid style of these vases, both elegant and subtly eccentric. Roman vases display a neo-rustic style that perfectly meets our needs for authenticity and going back to basics.
Olive grey: L25 x W17,5 x H42cm
Dark green: L11,5 x W11,5 x H52cm
Light green: L11 x W11 x H25cm
Yellow: L17 x W17 x H34,5cm
Material: Matt powder coated iron with sanded surface
WARNING Vases for decorative use only: do not fill with water.


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